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January 23rd NBA news ... Welcome to Lines on NBA, the site that provides the NBA enthusiast with all of the up to the minute lines and betting information.
Welcome to, the site that provides the NBA enthusiast with all of the up to the minute lines and betting information.

This site was created to assist the NBA bettor in cashing in on profits during the NBA season.

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At NBA draft combine, interviews can be telling

Others prefer a relaxed setting, maybe a one-on-one interview on a couch chill, as they say.

There are good-cop/bad-cop methods, including a table with a single light set up next to it, just as in your basic television police drama. And some forward-thinking clubs have psychologists lead the session, asking personal, probing queries.

In the end, NBA teams at the leagues predraft combine, which began Wednesday and runs for four days, want to learn as much as possible during interviews with prospects, often by whatever means necessary.

About 60 prospects will attend the invitation-only combine, the leagues largest in advance of the June 26 draft, and teams are allowed to interview as many as 18, for up to 30 minutes.

Of course, interviews are only part of the combine, where prospects also will go through drills, and be measured and medically examined.
But some teams consider the interviews to be the most valuable part, especially as the combine no longer features five-on-five scrimmages.

Its all for the interviews, said an Eastern Conference scout. Theres nothing else to it.

Said a Western Conference executive, The important thing for me right now is the interview process with these guys, just getting to know them a little bit better, finding a little bit more about them, just adding a little bit more to the whole package, and then making your decision.

Perhaps the most challenging aspect of the interview is that agents go to great lengths to prep their clients, drilling them on exactly how to answer a wide range of questions.

Theyre machines, expecting what questions to answer, said an Eastern Conference executive. That usually lasts 5-10 minutes, and then you start throwing curveball questions and you really start to see who these kids are and you can kind of get them to open up.

I just think its an interesting process and its a lot of fun.

Naturally, prospects often face many of the same questions in every interview.

Every team is asking the same thing, the scout said. Every team already knows the answers to most of the questions theyre asking.

But Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge believes that even if the prospects are trained on what to say, it might not help.

They dont know what questions were going to ask, he said.

The interview can also be a test of sorts, because teams have scouted many prospects all season long in some cases, for years so they know full well the players background.

Thats one thing you can sometimes tell in an interview, if a kid is honest or not, Ainge said.

To get honest answers, or something beyond scripted responses, teams use differing techniques.

For me, its not important to be combative with the kid, said one Eastern Conference executive. I think its important to have a kid relaxed and hell show more of himself. Thats just the way I approach it.
Said the Western Conference executive, I try not to put them on the spot. Ill occasionally ask them a difficult question if theyve had anything happen in the past to see if they answer it truthfully.

But these kids are nervous enough. You want to get a truthful answer out of them, so I put them at ease.

League sources said some teams, including Dallas and Indiana, have used psychologists to lead their interviews with prospects.

I dont know which teams did that, but I know there was one team where, literally, the kid, he just introduced himself to the coach, GM, and scouts and then talked to the psychologists, said an Eastern Conference scout.

Other teams can be more aggressive in grilling prospects, executives said, and the settings for those interviews can seem intense.

In general, one Eastern Conference scout said, putting prospects through a battery of interviews with different teams is not an accurate evaluation of a young person.

So lets say someone at North Carolina graduated as a student in the business school and they went to go interview with IBM. Theyre interviewing at IBM. Theyre not interviewing for Google, Yahoo, Xerox, and Hewlett-Packard. Theyre going in to interview with one business. Theyre prepping for it that particular day, whereas with us, its a cattle call.

The top dozen or so players who might be drafted in the lottery will also be interviewed by the national media.

So thats compounded, the scout said. So for 3-4 days, weve set up an unrealistic evaluating combine. But, look, at the end of the day, its a business, its entertainment, and the league uses the four days as a great advertising tool prior to the draft.

LeBron Free Agency: Other than Cleveland?

In the second round of Football Live Betting Lines nfl football betting Online Bingo Sportsbook NFL Lines this year’s NBA Playoffs, many teams suddenly became fans of the Boston Celtics. They realized that a Celtics victory over the Cavaliers would open the doors to the greatest prize in the history of NBA free agency: LeBron James. The understanding was that if a revamped Cleveland team couldn’t even advance to the Conference Finals, James might be more receptive to leaving his hometown team. Based on Boston’s victory and James’ apparent openness to these overtures, there is a chance James may give Cleveland sports fans their latest doomsday.

As of now, the current non-Cleveland leader of the pack in the James sweepstakes appears to be the Chicago Bulls. Out of all the teams with the cap space to add James, Chicago has the most championship-ready pieces. In contrast to Cleveland, their talent is young and primed to enter their most productive years. The Bulls’ best player is undoubtedly point guard Derrick Rose, who will be entering his third year and has quickly turned into one of the game’s greatest playmakers. They also have a do-it-all center in Joakim Noah, who adds pivotal components with his unselfishness and rebounding ability and is the perfect unassuming role player to complement James. The same is true for Taj Gibson, who made a big impact in his rookie season but doesn’t have the ego to demand shots in a James-led squad. Luol Deng is a very talented and versatile player as well but might be deemed expendable if James were to sign with the team.

In addition to their playing personnel, the Bulls have other assets. Their new coach, Tom Thibodeau, is a defensive mastermind who has a proven pedigree, helping to construct the elite Boston Celtics teams of the past three years. Also, the Bulls have enough cap space to add another maximum contract player in this free agent bonanza. James is not the only prized commodity out there and the further addition of a player like Chris Bosh would make Chicago even more enticing. All these factors make it clear that out of all James’ potential suitors, Chicago is the most ready to win a championship.

This is in contrast to the New Jersey Nets, who are trying to make a splash under their new multibillionaire Russian owner Mikhail Prokhorov. The Nets are coming off the worst record in the NBA and although Prokhorov is trying to change the losing culture, their team is still very young. Devin Harris is a good player but not nearly of Rose’s caliber. Brook Lopez shows signs of great potential but is still developing at the NBA level. Fielding a title-contending team would take significantly longer in New Jersey and hurts their chances of getting James, who wants to win right away.

The New York Knicks are a wildcard of sorts in this sweepstakes. Up until this year, any talk about James leaving Cleveland seemed to be focused on the Knicks. Are you ready to get into the NBA betting action? Head over to the home of NBA betting action.

NBA: Are Atlanta Hawks already a bad bet?

If you missed Game 1 of the second round NBA Eastern Conference playoff series between Orlando and Atlanta, you need only look at final score to realize what a disparity the game was. Orlando won by 43 points, 114-71. Making matters worse, the game was once tied at 27, meaning the Hawks are coing into Thursday’s Game 2 hoping to stop a surge of 87-44. Still, oddmakers at have kept the line similar to Tuesday’s contest, Magic by 9.

After a one game reprieve against a Milwaukee club that in all fairness isn’t in Atlanta’s world talent-wise, the Hawks reverted back to being the Hawks on the playoff road. Now 2-11 ATS (aver. loss 19.9 PPG) on postseason excursions, Atlanta showed exactly why they don’t belong with NBA elite.

After passing the ball around for a few first quarter assists and buckets, Woodson proved he really has no control of this team as Joe “iso” Johnson and Jamal “shot craver” Crawford were a combined 5 for 22 from the field, which is truly “amazing”.

The Hawks are 4-18 ATS away from home versus good teams outscoring opponents by three or more points a game after the mid-point of the season the last three years and might have to use to look up the word – team.

Josh Smith was the only player that had a descent stat sheet with 7-14 shooting and three steals, but he took silly fouls and continues to play “street ball” on the NBA court. In his defense, just think what Atlanta would have shot (they were 34.6 percent) for game if Smith had not made half his shots?

Dwight Howard only played just over 28 minutes, but this time it wasn’t because of foul trouble, it was because it was a total demolition by Orlando. Howard had 21 points, 12 boards and five blocks and the only word that came to mind watching Al Horford and Zaza Pachulia trying to stop “Superman” was “helpless”. In fact, the Atlanta big men really wanted so little to do with Howard he couldn’t find enough of their players to commit his usual three or four reckless fouls.

Oddsmakers like those at can’t overreact to 43-point cave-ins and the Hawks are nine-point underdogs, with total of 189.5. Atlanta hopes to bounce back and is 8-1 ATS after a game scoring 85 or fewer points.

Coach Stan Van Gundy probably wouldn’t mind a competitive contest, since it appears the next round could be coming soon and his team is 29-12 ATS after playing a home game this season. Orlando is 30-14 UNDER after scoring 110 points or more and the unimposing Hawks are 20-7 UNDER revenging a road loss of 10 points or more.

Stayed tuned to ESPN at 8:00 Eastern to witness the next massacre or if Atlanta can really play with heart, for a change. The StatFox Power Line suggests more of the former, showing Orlando by 15.

NBA: All Systems Go on NBA Monday

It’s the final three days of the regular season in the NBA, which also means it is the last Monday of taking a look at some of the best systems in professional basketball to get the week started. In this last installment, we find five contests that could provide winning systems for the sports bettor to profit from to begin another work week.  Game lines and totals are courtesy of

Miami (-4, 193) at Philadelphia

It’s been a miserable year for the 76ers at 27-53 and they’ve been one of the worst home teams in the league at 12-28 and 11-27-2 ATS. Philadelphia is coming off one of its finest offensive performances of the season, scoring 120 points in rout of Memphis, shooting 57 percent from the field. When there is a contest involving two average three point shooting teams (33-36.5 percent) after 42 or games in the season and the home team made 55 percent or more of their shots with the total between 190 and 199.5 points, the UNDER is 33-11.

Orlando (-3.5, 210) at Indiana

There could well be hope next season for the Pacers if the close of this year is any indication of what the future holds. Indiana has won four in a row and 10 of 12 (8-3-1 ATS), shooting the ball with great proficiency at over 47 percent in eight of those games. The Pacers could be a play again since home underdogs of 3.5 to 9.5 points, in a matchup involving two defensive teams holding opponents to 43.5 to 45.5 shooting percentage, who commit 14.5 or less turnovers, facing a poor pressure defense (14.5 or fewer turnovers forced), after 42 or more games, they are 40-13 ATS, 75.5 percent the last 14 seasons.

Minnesota (+14, 205) at San Antonio

The Spurs have endured a ruthless April schedule, with this being their seventh contest is 11 days and fifth in the last week. San Antonio has made the playoffs with their 49-31 record and would like to get out of eighth slot in the Western Conference; however the Timberwolves might not bring out the best of what the Spurs have to offer. Look to wager against home favorites with win percentage between 60-75 percent playing their fifth game in seven days, facing a team with a losing record. In the previous three seasons, the home chalk is prosaic 5-22 ATS.

Houston (+2.5, 210) at Sacramento

The Kings have lost 14 of the last 18 encounters, which includes 126-108 beat-down by Dallas on Saturday night. When the line is +3 to -3 in April matchups and the home team is off one or more defeats, they are unsightly 41-75 ATS.

Dallas (-11, 198) at L.A. Clippers

It’s been another fruitless campaign for the Clippers with 28-52 record. They are 28th in the NBA in point differential (-6.4), but at least are off a 107-104 triumph over equally inept Golden State. Here we find it is best to play against home teams being outscored by their opponents by six or more points a game, after a close win by three digits or less. Since 1996, this system is tasty 58-20 ATS.

All systems from the Foxsheets.

NBA: Top NBA Weekend Power Trends 1/29-1/31

This weekend’s action in the NBA will wrap up the month of January, meaning we are just 2-1/2 short months away from the playoffs already. Even as of now, we are getting a good feel for which teams figure to be involved in the playoff chase the rest of the way. The top eight seeds in the Eastern Conference have separated from #9 by 3-games. In the West, the picture is a bit more muddled, with 11 teams distancing themselves and vying for eight spots. In fact, seeds #4-11 are separated by just three games heading into this weekend’s action. Let’s take a look at what’s on tap for the next three days, particularly those games involving playoff hopefuls. We’ll also reveal our weekly Top StatFox Power Trends that could affect the wagering action.

Unlike recent weekends, the slate over the next three days is loaded on each day. On Friday, there are 12 games, but unlike usual, there is no ESPN doubleheader to take in. There really should be too, since there is a nice board of games to choose from. In the East, Boston will be visiting Atlanta, looking to turn the tide of three straight losses to the Hawks. The Celtics are finally back at near full strength with Kevin Garnett having returned after missing 10 games due to injury. They have been a disappointment for bettors this season but could be ready to go on a run. This will be a difficult spot for Boston, considering it just played on Thursday in Orlando, and is just 2-6 ATS on zero days rest. Atlanta is one of the NBA’s best teams at home, boasting an 18-5 SU & 16-7 ATS mark. The Hawks are also 9-2 SU & ATS vs. Atlantic Division foes.

In the Western Conference on Friday, there are three compelling matchups between potential playoff contenders. Denver, the current #2 seed in the conference, visits Oklahoma City, looking to extend an 8-game winning streak. The Thunder have lost three straight and hope to avoid their first 4-game skid of the season. Watch the line closely, as Denver is 5-1-1 ATS as an underdog. In Houston, the Blazers & Rockets will get together. The teams are separated by 2-games right now in the standings and each has lost at least its last two games. Strangely, Portland would love to stay in the West, as they boast a 17-9 SU & 15-11 ATS mark vs. conference foes. Finally, in San Antonio, the Spurs will host the Grizzlies. Don’t look now, but Memphis has crept to within a game of the Spurs by winning eight of its L10 games. The Griz are just 8-14 on the road though, and allow nearly 108 PPG. San Antonio is having all kinds of problems maintaining any consistency.

Saturday’s board is the lightest of the three days this weekend, but still six different games are on tap, including three between playoff hopefuls. In Orlando, the Magic will welcome the Hawks to town. Atlanta and Orlando will have each hosted Boston since Thursday, so the common opponent rule of handicapping could be applied. The Hawks are 2-4 SU & 3-3 ATS on zero days rest in ’09-10. A bit later, New Orleans will visit Memphis, and Portland will be in Dallas. The city of New Orleans is of course “abuzz” about the Saints, but the Hornets have picked up their play of late, and were 16-4 at home heading into the weekend. Dallas continues to have trouble covering pointspreads at home, owning just a 5-16 ATS mark despite winning 14 of the 21 games outright. The Mavericks recently tied the record for most consecutive wins in one-point games, beating Milwaukee Tuesday for their 10th straight such decision.

The Sunday board is the biggest of the year, as the NBA takes advantage of the off-week in lead up to the Super Bowl. ABC is back at it too, offering up a stellar doubleheader in the afternoon. At 1:00 PM ET, the Nuggets and Spurs will tip it off from San Antonio. It will be just the second time the teams have met this season, with the Spurs looking to avenge a 106-99 defeat at home back in December. At 3:30 PM ET, the Lakers will continue their long 8-game road trip with a stop in Boston. These are the last two NBA champions and figure to be among the last teams standing in May and June.

Now, here are those top trends you’ll want to consider as you build your wagering cards for the weekend:

Friday, 01/29/2010
NEW JERSEY is 5-16 ATS (-12.6 Units) revenging a loss vs opponent of 10 points or more this season. The average score was NEW JERSEY 89.8, OPPONENT 106.9 - (Rating = 2*)

(813) DENVER vs. (814) OKLAHOMA CITY
DENVER is 14-2 ATS (+11.8 Units) vs. marginal winning teams (Win Pct. 51%-60%) in 2nd half of the last 3 seasons. The average score was DENVER 111.3, OPPONENT 96 - (Rating = 2*)

(817) MEMPHIS vs. (818) SAN ANTONIO
MEMPHIS is 8-26 ATS (-20.6 Units) vs. marginal winning teams (Win Pct. 51% to 60%) over the last 3 seasons. The average score was MEMPHIS 97.1, OPPONENT 105.3 - (Rating = 2*)

(817) MEMPHIS vs. (818) SAN ANTONIO
MEMPHIS is 16-5 OVER (+10.5 Units) versus poor pressure defensive teams - forcing <=14 turnovers/game this season. The average score was MEMPHIS 105.8, OPPONENT 105.8 - (Rating = 2*)

NEW ORLEANS is 9-25 ATS (-18.5 Units) versus explosive offensive teams - scoring 103+ PPG over the last 2 seasons.
The average score was NEW ORLEANS 97, OPPONENT 104.6 - (Rating = 2*)

Saturday, 01/30/2010
(501) ATLANTA vs. (502) ORLANDO
ATLANTA is 3-15 ATS (-13.5 Units) in road games vs. good teams outscoring foes by 3+ PPG in 2nd half of L3 seasons. The average score was ATLANTA 87.6, OPPONENT 105.8 - (Rating = 2*)

(501) ATLANTA vs. (502) ORLANDO
ATLANTA is 25-6 UNDER (+18.4 Units) revenging a loss vs opponent of 10 points or more over the last 2 seasons. The average score was ATLANTA 92, OPPONENT 92.4 - (Rating = 4*)

(505) NEW YORK vs. (506) WASHINGTON
WASHINGTON is 7-26 ATS (-21.6 Units) when the line is +3 to -3 over the last 2 seasons. The average score was WASHINGTON 100.1, OPPONENT 104.5 - (Rating = 3*)

SACRAMENTO is 3-16 ATS (-14.6 Units) against Southeast division opponents over the last 2 seasons. The average score was SACRAMENTO 97.4, OPPONENT 110.2 - (Rating = 3*)

Sunday, 01/31/2010
LA CLIPPERS are 8-24 ATS (-18.4 Units) vs good shooting teams (>=46% FG Pct) in 2nd half of the last 3 seasons. The average score was LA CLIPPERS 93.8, OPPONENT 109.8 - (Rating = 2*)

NEW JERSEY is 2-12 ATS (-11.2 Units) revenging a home loss vs opponent this season. The average score was NEW JERSEY 88.8, OPPONENT 106.7 - (Rating = 2*)

(813) NEW YORK vs. (814) MINNESOTA
NEW YORK is 15-2 UNDER (+12.8 Units) vs. poor 3PT shooting teams - making <=33% of their attempts this season. The average score was NEW YORK 97.2, OPPONENT 95.1 - (Rating = 4*)

(817) PHOENIX vs. (818) HOUSTON
PHOENIX is 20-5 ATS (+14.5 Units) vs poor defensive teams (FG Pct defense >=46%) in 2nd half of last 3 seasons. The average score was PHOENIX 122.3, OPPONENT 108.7 - (Rating = 2*)